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27 days ago



virtual reality conspiracy theory

I’ve been really interested in virtual reality lately. Recently I’ve been looking into the history of vr and found something VERY intriguing…a series of deaths and accidents related to VR creators.

1) Gunpei Yokoi. Japanese video game designer who made the Game Boy that we all know and love. He also was the creator of the Virtual Boy, which as we know had limited commercial success. But according to Wikipedia, Yokoi didn’t even want to release the Virtual Boy in it’s current state, but Nintendo pushed him to do it. (Maybe because they knew it would fail.) Later, Yokoi was killed in a hit and run.

2) Felix Gordian. Founder of the VirtualDragon, which again had limited success. But the VirtualDragon was sold by Movil Studios who bought a prototype from Gordian. (Probably to doom it’s success.) Later, Gordian was the victim of a hit and run that, while not killing him, left him paralyzed from the waist down.

3) Andrew Scott. (Co)founder of the Oculus Rift, which did a lot to improve the state of virtual reality that we have today. But before the Oculus Rift got off the ground? Scott was killed. Guess how he died? Hit and run. The Oculus Rift still miraculously was a success, but it almost wasn’t.

It’s almost as if some entity didn’t want virtual reality to succeed….



Huh, never considered that. Still seems a bit far-fetched…



I’ve thought about the same thing. I heard that Yokoi was hit by members of the mafia

keep reaching dude